…about creativity

Creativity is a puzzling creature. Or perhaps, I just make it more puzzling than it needs to be.

jigsaw puzzle piecesA few days ago, I did dangerously close to nothing all day. Yet from 5pm onward, I wrote, researched, and wrote some more. It was almost midnight when I finally toddled off to bed. I had posted a blog, written a chapter for my NaNoWriMo novel, and other up some interesting and important research that will enhance my novel’s credibility.

Being up that late wouldn’t be a problem, except that I like to go for a walk in the early morning. If I nap during the day, I find that it saps me of my energy rather than giving me more energy. I debated the idea of going all “creature of the night.” I’ve always preferred the feeling of the middle-of-the-night to the middle-of-the-day. I began to speculate on why this might be.

Perhaps, I thought, with fewer people conscious during the sunless hours, there is less localized psychic clutter that seems to pervade the day. Granted, on a planetary scale, there are more people awake at the actual time I call “night” here in Toronto. My “night” is “day” for a good chunk of Europe Asia and Africa. Oh, and Australia too – let’s not forget the awesome Aussies! Of course, it might just be that I groove to the beat of their energies more than I do to the American ones. I mean, as far as I understand it, distance in the physical sense has no impact at the psychic levels.

I’m probably looking way too far out-of-the-box on this one. The difference between my levels of creativity in the day and in the night may simply be a matter of distraction. Human beings are diurnal (yes, that is my “new word of the day” and put simply, it is the opposite of “nocturnal”). So, I’m more creative when I’m less distracted. I’m less distracted when there are fewer distractions. There you go! I just need to be active when most people aren’t!

Okay, maybe this doesn’t solve my personal creativity issues, but it does give me a cool idea for supernatural thriller that I could write! So maybe that’s the key to creativity: rambling mindlessly until something catches on the switch and turns that EUREKA! light bulb on! I’ve heard stranger explanations…


What are your thoughts?

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