…about creativity

10 November 2011

Creativity is a puzzling creature. Or perhaps, I just make it more puzzling than it needs to be.

jigsaw puzzle piecesA few days ago, I did dangerously close to nothing all day. Yet from 5pm onward, I wrote, researched, and wrote some more. It was almost midnight when I finally toddled off to bed. I had posted a blog, written a chapter for my NaNoWriMo novel, and other up some interesting and important research that will enhance my novel’s credibility.

Being up that late wouldn’t be a problem, except that I like to go for a walk in the early morning. If I nap during the day, I find that it saps me of my energy rather than giving me more energy. I debated the idea of going all “creature of the night.” I’ve always preferred the feeling of the middle-of-the-night to the middle-of-the-day. I began to speculate on why this might be.

Perhaps, I thought, with fewer people conscious during the sunless hours, there is less localized psychic clutter that seems to pervade the day. Granted, on a planetary scale, there are more people awake at the actual time I call “night” here in Toronto. My “night” is “day” for a good chunk of Europe Asia and Africa. Oh, and Australia too – let’s not forget the awesome Aussies! Of course, it might just be that I groove to the beat of their energies more than I do to the American ones. I mean, as far as I understand it, distance in the physical sense has no impact at the psychic levels.

I’m probably looking way too far out-of-the-box on this one. The difference between my levels of creativity in the day and in the night may simply be a matter of distraction. Human beings are diurnal (yes, that is my “new word of the day” and put simply, it is the opposite of “nocturnal”). So, I’m more creative when I’m less distracted. I’m less distracted when there are fewer distractions. There you go! I just need to be active when most people aren’t!

Okay, maybe this doesn’t solve my personal creativity issues, but it does give me a cool idea for supernatural thriller that I could write! So maybe that’s the key to creativity: rambling mindlessly until something catches on the switch and turns that EUREKA! light bulb on! I’ve heard stranger explanations…


…about cell phone etiquette

29 October 2011

There’s nothing like a cell phone to make a self-absorbed person behave as if it really is all about him (or her, as the case may be).

Cell phone beside cup of coffeeThe guy in the coffee shop this morning was a walking illustration for self-image-defeating stereotypes. First off, he was rather short, which is always a struggle for men. For whatever reason, height equals power in the minds of most people, but especially in the minds of men who perceive themselves as short.

Add to this that, in spite of his use of the shaved-head approach to denying a receding hairline, said hairline’s notable retreat was obvious. Baldness seems to be an emasculating condition for men as well, although I’ve never understood why. I mean, my argument is that apes have lots of hair, Neanderthals have less hair, most people have even less hair (I do know some exceptions), and I have less hair than most people. Sounds like evolution to me! But I digress…

The guy received a phone call while he was in the line for his double-double, and his phone manner was so loud and brash that he drew the attention of nearly everyone in the shop. I would propose that this is exactly what he wanted to do, to convince us that he was a big shot. From a glance around the room, I’d say that my fellow patrons and I shared roughly the same thought: “Who is this loudmouth and what will it take for him to go away?”

Seriously, I don’t know why guys feel the need to posture in a room full of strangers. He had a female companion, so perhaps he was just showing-off for her benefit. I have to ask: ladies, does that shit really work on you? For her part, she just looked relieved when she was able to get him outside, away from the Looks of Death coming from not-quite-awake caffeine consumers.

I will grant that the cell phone may be no more than an accomplice in this guy’s criminal lack of good manners. It just seems to me that this little device has the ability to bring out some very undesirable behaviour. It isn’t difficult when traveling on public transit, for instance, to hear people talking about matters for which they should be seeing a therapist. The TV soap operas are suffering because we don’t need them to live vicariously through others – we can do that in a grocery store line-up.

I feel that my worst offense is that I let my cell phone manage my time and focus. I’m not talking about the cool apps that tell me when I have meetings. No, it has gone way beyond that level of control. If my cell phone rings or receives a text message, I reach for it. If my phone is on, I give it some of my attention because it might ring. If it is off, I secretly wonder if I am missing important calls. Please tell me I’m not the only one doing this!

We need to communicate. It’s the way we’re wired. As with so many other things, the tricky bits are the “when” and the “how.”

…about this blogging thing

17 October 2011

A boy and his laptopFor someone who loves and lives by his writing, blogging shouldn’t be that hard, should it? Yeah, and so dies another myth! Still, I hope to provide some meaningful and thought provoking mental meanderings very soon. Don’t be strangers – let me know what you think. I may be opinionated, but I’m not inflexible!

Talk to you soon!

-= C =-

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